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Plovdiv is a city located in the central part of the Upper Thracian Valley on both sides of the biggest river in Bulgaria - Maritza it is 147 km far from Sofia, 417 km far from Varna and 298 km far from Burgas. With its 600 000 inhabitants, the city is the second largest in the country, and its history dates back nearly 8,000 years BC. The town is located between seven major hills, that’s why it is so often called "city of hills."Plovdiv is a host of numerous events - International Trade Fair, International theater festival "Scene of the Crossroads, "Golden Chest" and many others. Because of its ancient origin, the city has preserved many of its monuments, some since Roman times – The Ancient Theatre, the Odeon, Roman Forum, Rome stadium, Evmolpia Thracian city, and the city is famous with its old part where you can see the unique architectural style of the city, featuring a released second floor of the houses, most of them with colorful painted facades, where can be seen paintings, carvings and landscape together.The city has always played a major role in history, thanks to its strategic location - even in Roman times Philippopolis is considered to be the largest and most beautiful city in the Roman Empire, whose beauty shines from a long distance. Nowadays Plovdiv is the most saturated city in Bulgaria with excellent preserved archaeological monuments from Roman times, living in coexistence with the modern look of the city, which seems to be impervious to the years.