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Pleven is a town in the central part of northern Bulgaria, in the heart of the Danube plain. In this land have lived Thracians, Romans, Slavians, and the oldest evidence of human presence here are dated to be about 5000 years ago. The town has preserved its historic past, and today is known as the "city of museums" - here you can see numerous archaeological finds, evidence of the high material and spiritual culture of the people inhabiting the region in the past. This is where the biggest golden treasure ever is being found in our land - Vulchitrun, bequeathed to us by the Thracians.

The Romans have "left" us the Storgozia fortress, administrative, military and religious buildings. The most preserved monuments from the Roman era of the city, is an early Christian basilica from the 4th century, and one can easily reach Pleven by hired car – the town is situated 163 kilometers away from the capital
Sofia, 149 kilometers away from Plovdiv, and 341 kilometers away from Varna. During the Middle Ages here were developed many crafts and trade and during the slavery, Pleven acquires strategic importance for the subsequent war of liberation. In the vicinity of the town has been decided the fate of war, where Russia defeated the Ottoman Empire and ended our country’s slavery. The day was December 10th 1877. still celebrated by our nation as The day of gratitude.